Friday, October 4, 2013

Cardboard Tube and Washi Tape Chalkboard Holder

Yes, it's Atop Serenity Hill, one of my favorite blogs! Here they've come up with a chalkboard holder which makes use of a cardboard tube and adds washi tape as decoration.


Oh, it is SO cute! And its super easy to make!


I made my own, but since I didn't have craft burlap at hand, I cut a bit of burlap from an empty rice sack. I knew that some people didn't have washi tape, so I decided to not use some (determined to make this even more DIY!) and instead I out strips of white paper that I had designed with markers, and then I glued the paper strips to the cardboard tube. After, I covered the tube with clear Scotch packaging tape. Sorry for no picture!  I'll have this post updated as soon as I take one!

Atop Serenity Hill also has a tutorial for a Foamcore Chalkboard with a Washi Tape grid. I have to make one as soon as I have the chance!


Happy Crafting!
<3 m.j.

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