Monday, October 14, 2013

Mini Felt Bags and A.C. Moore Felt Haul

Hey, everyone! So I went over to A.C. Moore's today. I love that store! It's only a crafter's heaven. I brought home some squares of felt. They are 9 by 12 inches, and are currently $0.26 each. Can't wait to use these!

 I decided to do ONE simple project today, just to post here, and so...I made a mini felt bag.
These are kind of based off of Retro Owl Artwork that I found on Better Homes and Gardens

Retro Owl Artwork   Make It: Owl Artwork

I wanted to make the owl, only to a smaller scale, so I made a tiny owl (directions here.) I then decided to make a small bag, so I took two equal-sized pieces of felt and blanket-stitched them together, leaving the top open. I cut out two pieces of felt shaped like "bag handles" and glued them to the top insides of the bag. I glued the owl to the front of the bag. Ta-dah!

I had to re-glue each part because it didn't stick very well. I was using Elmer's Multi-Purpose. Next time I should stock up on the felt glue. I have a feeling things will go MUCH better that way. :)

These mini felt bags would be perfect for quick, pocket, on-the-go sewing pouches! I encourage you all to try some other animal on the front, just to see what it looks like. Otherwise, go with the owl pattern!

Hope you all had a great Columbus Day!

Happy Crafting!
<3 m.j.

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