Friday, December 27, 2013

3 Rolls of Scotch Expressions Washi Tape!

I was completely out of washi tape. Then my mom bought me three rolls. Me? HAPPY! And I remembered to take a couple of photos before opening them..

The rolls are pretty thick,too.

They look really nice, actually. The one on the left is like some crooked lined colorful kind of design, and the one in the middle has white, gray, black, and peachy pink stripes. The last one has stamps. 

And I tried them out on white paper..

I didn't think that the one in the middle would look nice, because on the roll the yellows were looking pretty ugly. But it turned out pretty on white paper.

The two larger rolls were $4.00 each, and the smaller roll was $3.00. Plus about $1.00 tax... Twelve bucks for three rolls? The best deal? NOT. Anyway, at least I have washi tape!

Here are they, nice and stacked...
Arent they pretty? I think they would be nice when stacked and covered with wrapping paper and then wrapped in ribbon...
As if Im giving these cuties away!


  1. Ooh thats some nice washi! Hope you have fun crafting with them. :)

  2. Fun washi tape….have fun creating with it :)

    1. Thanks Tracy! Can't wait to post some washi tape crafts in the future! :)

  3. Cute washi...just wondering though where did you get the tapes from?

    1. Hi Anni! Sorry, I meant to include the store in the post but somehow forgot.The tapes are from Target.


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