Monday, December 23, 2013

A Day in New York: Classy Chinese Restaurant!

So I spent a day in New York....I got to see the tree in Rocker feller Center...(this is a picture of a post card I got from there).

Then I saw smaller trees...

And I got to go to Godiva for some delicious chocolate...

Then we visited a classy Chinese restaurant and this was what my place at the table looked like:

And another picture of when I got my water... (You can see the Lazy Suzy on the table. It was so much fun spinning the food around!)

And chopsticks (I ate like a real pro)....

And I was too busy eating to take any more pictures, but I enjoyed fried noodles, rice, General Tso's Chicken, chicken dumplings, and some other tasty foods....

Love New York!


  1. You're so lucky to have gone to a classy Chinese restaurant, I've only had take out from those small Chinese food shops. :( Anyway I hope you enjoyed your trip!

    1. Thanks Hailey, I really did. And it was actually my first time in a fancy Chinese restaurant. ..I'm usually the take-out noodles person..but it was a great experience, I loved it!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Clara, I hope you are enjoying the holidays too!

  3. Hi MJ, LOL I can't even eat with chopsticks....and I've seen the Tree before, its so pretty!

    1. Hi Anni! LOL I used to be really bad at eating with chopsticks, but practice did help! And the Tree is definitely beautiful. :)


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