Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Break & My Commitment to an Organized Year: Post-its from Target!

Hello! It's. Finally. CHRISTMAS BREAK! I have been waiting a whole week for this. Yes! I plan to have the time of my life. :) He he. So anyway, my wish for next year is to be committed to organization. Things completely slip my mind, and with my busy schedule, it is getting harder and harder to remember clubs/teams, appointments, etc.

So....what helps you get organized? Sticky/Post-it Notes! (plus they're cute)

And at the Target Dollar Spot, you can get them for cheap. Since I got a $20 from shoveling this week, I think I can pay for that and get 20 packs of post-its....but arghh tax!

Here are some kinds of post-its/sticky notes you can get at the Target Dollar Spot. (Click on each picture to get to the website/blog).


These are so colorful and cheap--can't wait to go to Target!

Lots of love and panda hugs,


  1. Hi MJ! I love shopping at Target's Dollar Spot, you can find so many things! At my local Target they have calendars and mini planners, just in case you want more than post-it's for your organization spree. *hugs*

    1. Hi Melissa! Good to know, I'll be sure to check for those at my Target. Love that place too! ♡♥♥


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