Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cute Metal Buckets at Target Dollar Spot

Well I've been hearing about cute buckets (newer ones?) in the Target Dollar Spot. (LOVE THAT PLACE!) I think they would be great for organizing your crafting supplies. The designs are so cute!!!

(Click on each picture to go to the website)

I love the designs! The black and white one looks really cute..and it looks like the turquoise one has a dry erase sticker!

I think that the pink polka dot pails would be great for a little girl's party. Fill it up with goodies and give it away to friends!

The Christmas-themed buckets are really can always use them for a holiday party.

These look nice for Easter, don't they?

Yellow and white buckets...use them for anything! And then there are plain metal ones--which some people like. Me, I'm into everything! :)

Forth of July Buckets!!!

These ones are buckets with chalkboard stickers on the front. At other stores you can get the buckets with the stickers in different shapes--hearts and circles, too, from what I've heard from my Target-lovin' blogger friends.

Metal buckets? For a dollar? You need to check this out at your local Target, especially if you're a teacher! You can still go anyway if you're looking for storage holders. :) Hope you have a happy Wednesday night!


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