Thursday, December 19, 2013

Decorating a Cork Board with Duct Tape

Hi, everyone! So today I wanted to show you what I made last night.....yes, it's my regular cork board, but covered in Duck Brand Mustache Tape! You know how much I adore mustaches!

So anyway, it was a dry erase board on one side, but the other was just...this cardboard thing. (I decided to use it as a cork board, since push pins and tacks went through and came out of it fine.) Plus, Panda Brother, as I affectionately call him, had taken green and brown markers, along with a black Sharpie and made a work of art with his scribbles. Perfect. So I knew I had to do something.....why not cover it with the mustache duct tape I had gotten from a friend? I started and then I realized I should have taken a Before picture...but whatever.

So basically you just layer tape onto the back. SO easy...but I used up nearly the whole roll for this project!

So that's how you do it. So easy, I know, but I really like how it turned out!!!

....Also, I found this panda quote from somewhere on the Wonderful Web of ours. 

I really liked it, so during art period I took the time to draw one of those posters... Then I put it on my newly-decorated cork board. :)

I missed some words, but whatever. I also was in movement when taking the picture (pushing the door in an effort to keep Panda Brother from coming in and ruining the photo.....but it got ruined anyway. :(

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Lots of love and panda hugs,



  1. So decorative! I have that same type of duck tape too!

    1. Thanks Kathleen! And I love mustache tape :)


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