Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Early Christmas Gifts: Panda Slippers, Tape, and More!

My friends are amazing. (Yes, they are almost-broke teenagers like me, in case you're wondering. LOL) Here's a shout out to them: I love you guys! Thanks so much for the early Christmas gifts!

So one of my friends got me panda slippers. I am panda-obsessed, you know for sure. They are so cute!! And they look nice with my panda hat!

Photo Photo

My other friend got me these cute pink mustache sunglasses, along with a roll of mustache duct tape. Thank you!!! (You can already see I've used most of it to decorate the "cork board" that Panda Brother, as I affectionately call him, ruined with his marker scribbles.

Photo Photo

Another friend got me a keychain and colorful hoop earrings. Love ya!


I got a One Direction binder from another friend..... (Yes, I like 1D, but I'm not exactly obsessed...they're a great band, though!) I love the white doodles against a blue background on the inside.

Photo Photo

Another friend got me this cool reversible hat! Spongebob on one side, Patrick on the other! (I have a feeling I'll be wearing the side with Patrick on it a lot for my dumb moments...we all have them!)


So those are the early Christmas gifts I've received so far!!! If you want to see what I got my friends, you can click here to see the post.

ALSO: Have you bought any Christmas-themed Duck Tape? I was searching and found a post:

fun duck tape craft ideas

I haven't seen any of these in stores that would be called "holiday-ish" except for this penguin duck tape, if you want to call it holiday-ish:

Well, another reason to go shopping! (And time to come up with another reason of why I need $20.00 from my mom....the life....)

Ah, how I love Christmas.... :)

Lots of love and panda hugs,



  1. Replies
    1. I know, I'm so happy to have gotten early gifts. :) But it's not bad, I mean, it's Christmas in like two days....:)

  2. The slippers look so fluffy!!! Where did your friend get them from???

    1. I'm not sure, but the tag said it was Cuddlee Slippers. It comes in puppy dog, bunny rabbit, and teddy bear too.


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