Thursday, December 5, 2013

I Love Oil Cloth!

I'm looking through my Google + Feed and noticing posts about oil cloth, which is laminated fabric. OIL CLOTH! I had completely forgotten how much I loved oilcloth.....come to think of it, do I even have any in my crafting stash?
The look and feel of oilcloth..what's NOT to love?
So I felt really excited shen I found out that....SewCanShe is hosting an oilcloth giveaway!!!

giveaway copy.png
I am LOVING the mustache laminated fabric! Really hope I win this giveaway! :)

SewCanShe also made a tutorial for laminate boxy pouches!

They look really fun..Maybe you can even use then for tissues or baby wipes! After all, you can wipe them. 

Again, loving this oilcloth giveaway! If someone from this blog wins, Im getting a sheet of oilcloth (the mustache one, to be specific). After all, sharing is caring! Which is just code gor GIVE ME SOME. :) Good luck and enjoy your Thursday!
Have fun!


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