Saturday, January 11, 2014

Make a Washi Tape Dispenser

Washi tape dispenser - by Craft & Creativity
Hello all! II'm glad I got the chance to check on this blog so soon...even if this is a short post. Anyway... 


Look at that cute DIY washi tape dispenser from Craft and Creativity! Absolutely love! I need to make one of these soon.....soon as I get the time! For now I'm stuck with oohing and ahhing over these adorable diys!

On a side note, the washi tapes look so fun, too. Have you found any kawaii washi tapes lately? One of my favorite tapes from Cute Tape were these Love Hearts and Clouds ones. Don't they make you smile! WANT! Lol

love love love! MJ


  1. I've seen this dispenser floating around is just adorable! I love the washi from Cutetape too!

    1. Hi Anni, I was introduced to this dispenser from Pinterest as well!

  2. One word for this: cuteee!

  3. That is a cute washi tape dispenser.
    I have seen them on the empty rolls of tin foil or plastic wrap :)
    Such cute washi…I have a slight addiction to washi tape, teehee.

    1. Hi Tracy, I'm sure it would be a great idea to store washi tape rolls on empty tin foil/plastic wrap rolls...tutorial for the future? lol I love washi tape too, even though I don't have too many rolls...the colors and designs are just too fun :)


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