Sunday, January 19, 2014

making kawaii pint and cup bookmarks..and jewelry organizing

Hi, all! Today I decided to make some fun and easy kawaii face mini bookmarks with Panda Brother using the 3D foam shapes I had of pints and cups. Those foam shapes had just been laying around, and I wanted to DO something with them..

So I turned them over so that the labels weren't visible, and had Panda Brother draw kawaii faces on with Sharpie. He helped with the eyes. 

Then I drew out two squares on cardstock, which he carefully cut out. I used an Exacto Knife to make little flaps on the squares (you can see the indentations in the picture). Panda Brother glued the pints and cups on..

He liked the red one best..

I preferred pink, but after all, I am kinda girly-girly (not always, though--I mean I like colors like black and I'm not a full-out pink-wardrobe girl).

Okay, now you're all probably wondering, why are you posting something so...simple? I know it's super easy, but Panda Brother and I had a fun 5 minutes making these, so I shared them with you anyway. Typical me! :)

On a side note, has anyone been taking time from the weekend to do some organization? I hit my jewelry box. This isn't all my jewelry, the expensive ones are stored up in my mom's closet, as I am still SO careless with those kind of things. I just took some of what I would usually wear and stored it in this box. Other stuff are just things I picked up, thinking it would be cute but that I wouldn't necessarily wear them..

You can see how crazy it is....once I wear earrings, I feel so lazy that I just toss them in the box. My plastic bags of carefully wrapped necklace charms are scattered....I have some badges dumped in as well....and wait, how the hell are scraps of paper and felt in HERE? Um...I really need to sort out this mess..I'm glad this isn't all of my jewelry, it would take forever to sort...I'm going to see if Sis can help... and no, it's not like i'm incapable of organizing this...maybe I am...AHH!

 I have a love/hate relationship with organization! LOL :) And when I saw this quote..

Yeah, sure. I'm feeling stressed out just trying to organize. IMPROVING YOUR OVERALL QUALITY OF LIFE? Organized jewelry will improve my overall quality of life. Or maybe I just won't take ten extra minutes looking for the other earring.

love love love! MJ


  1. Enjoying time with your siblings is such great fun :)
    Have fun organizing ;)

    1. Yes it is lol :) And I'll try. ..

  2. Cute bookmarks! The faces make me smile :) And good luck with organizing lol


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