Sunday, January 19, 2014

my embroidery ribbon belt- cheers!

Hi, hope you are all having a fabulous day! I thought that I would include a post on something I have never shown you guys but finished last year...yeah, I forgot. :") Well anyway....this is it!

I love it so much! It is the Embroider a Ribbon Belt: Savvy Stitches by Dimensions kit. It is the Cheers Ribbon Belt.

And it comes with:

So basically the design is just these cute little drinks. Lemonade, pink punch, orange juice, and so on. Sooo cute--but it would be even cuter if there were faces! Lol I guess I can sew them on myself using kawaii faces patterns.

The finished belt is supposed to look like this:

But you know me, I lost the belt buckle and then the directions, so I'm not entirely sure how to make the belt..for fusing it with the fusible web and then the other non printed ribbon, I guess I could just iron it...? But are there any specific directions? Lol I really have to look this up. Also, any ideas of where I could find belt buckles? Since I lost mine... :") I have a feeling I'm going to be flashing this embarrassed face :") for some time now..

love love love! MJ


  1. Ooh that's such a cute belt! Thanks for including the website in one of your photos, I want to order a kit! I love embroidery I am crazy about it lol :)

  2. The belt looks adorable, but you SO should add the faces for an even more kawaii look :) You sound just like me when you said you lost your buckle and instructions! :)


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