Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Guest Post: Cupcake Jar Tutorial

This is a guest post by Boriville. You can visit her fabulous blog here!
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I'm Boriville, my blog (http://www.boriville.blogspot.com) is where you can find delicious recipes.  Most are Vietnamese food, but I do love to bake and craft too.  Today I will show you a tutorial on how to make a cupcake jar.  

To start you will need the following materials. 

-Decoden Whipped Cream or Silicone
-Pretty Design Papers
-Empty Clean Jar
-Mod Podge
-Decorating Supplies

Next you will need to use the piping bag to squeeze the whipped cream around the lid.

  Decorate the top.  You can use beads or chalk powder as sprinkles.  Be creative and have fun. =)  Let it dry completely before going to the next step. 

Put mod podge on the jar and the paper.  Then wrap the paper around the jar.  Let it dry. 

After everything is dry you should be left with a cute cupcake jar.

I hope you had fun with this craft tutorial.  Thank you so much for reading this post. =) Thanks to MJ for inviting me to guest post on her blog. 



  1. Super cute idea! The "cupcakes" turned out just adorable..they almost look real, too! :)

  2. This cupcake jar tutorial is so cute!
    Again, thanks so much for guest posting today! :)
    ♥ MJ

  3. OMG what a sweet cupcake!!!! I love this so much, thank you for the tutorial!!!! :)

  4. Boriville's cooking tutorials always make me hungry ;)
    Cute cupcakes, they look so good you want to lick the icing off of them ;)

    1. Exactly, they look like they're real! :)

  5. Super cute cupcakes, I love this idea! Thanks for sharing! Visiting from Tip Junkie!

  6. Great idea, I never knew caulk could be used for crafting like this!

  7. I love your cupcakes! Thanks for sharing with us! :)

  8. That idea is great! I think you could use Gerber jars for the jars as a way of reusing them, and then put candy inside to give away as gifts for maybe a baby shower or something. ;) And would washi tape be a good alternative to scrapbook paper strips?


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