Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Random Journal & Valentine's Day..

You all know about that "random journal" of mine....right? Well, a quick recap on that:
 My friend wanted one of those journals bursting with pictures, quotes, inspirational sayings and stories, ideas, and random ramblings, but here's the catch: She didn't want to do it herself. She is a self-proclaimed lazy little lady! And so, being the loving friend I was (lol, yeah right!) I agreed to making her one. I warned her that it would turn out messy, and my handwriting would obviously not be the best, but that was the kind of journal she was looking for! (yes, she is officially crazy--like me!)

So here are some pictures for you all!

I wanted to be able to write in Sharpie, but the marker was bleeding through the paper. So, I took one of Tracy's ideas I found in one of her videos and taped two papers together with tape so you wouldn't be able to see if the marker bled through or not.

First page! Quotes, tape, thoughts, mustaches...hey, I told you it was going to be random!

I wrote some ramblings about smiles with Post-it notes, and then on another page I put anime quotes. You can see that those quotes are the same ones I have on my sidebar!

More quotes...specifically Naruto ones, though. And then some description about a forest...did I mention my friend loves nature?

A few words (no, a page!) about the crafty uses for pine cones. Again, I'm going along with that nature-ish theme. Then on another page I put some quotes, snowflakes, things about the weather, and tape.

These pages! Some insanity about my obsession for pandas..and I didn't finish the next page. I wrote "Thank You for always being there for me," and then I drew a panda with hearts, messily coloring in with black pen. I'm going to actually paste in a picture of a couple holding hands or something like that to go along with the "being there for me.." quote.

Yeah, I was getting kind of tired that day and filled up a page with that.

Me flipping through the pages...

As you can see, the journal isn't that big. Eighteen sheets and thirty-six pages. But you know how I sometimes get that "writer's block" when I can't think of anything! 

So I'm almost done with this "Random Journal." I went against my word and showed it to my friend--I had said I would show it to her when I was completely done....he he..no!

The good thing is that she liked it! A lot! I didn't think she would--I mean, look, it's that messy handwriting and random things and all! But I guess she likes that kind of stuff. :)


Getting along with it! I never got to tell you all how my Valentine's Day was...so I will now!
It was great. I got to spend time with family, and I let everyone that I didn't see how much I love them. :) 

But what did I do the day before Valentine's Day? I put up decorations that are now taken down and that I am mentally kicking myself for not taking pictures of! However, I do have pictures of the valentines I helped my younger brother make--and no, I didn't go crafty this year and instead picked up a pre-made pack at Target.

But that day when I was walking around the house sipping on his Danimals yogurt smoothies he was supposed to take for snack time, I looked at the cute little plastic bottles and got an idea:

Aren't they cute? I did mess up on the first one's face, but since I had done the faces with Sharpie, I easily scratched it off with a fingernail.


So that's all! Kinda picture heavy, I know, sorry but it couldn't wait! :)

Hope you all are having a fabulous day!



  1. I love your random book MJ...it sounds like a great idea! He he your friend sounds like one of MY friends....and I like the journals with messy handwriting, etc. It makes things much more interesting! :)
    I also like the idea of taping two pages together so marker doesn't bleed through...genius! :)
    The yogurt bottles look so adorable when altered! Perfect for V Day!

  2. Nice book--I should make one!
    The bottles are very cute, and well, there's always next year for the crafty valentines! :)

  3. The journal looks gorgeous! I read some of those quotes too--who knew anime could be so inspiring? Lol
    I love those bottles and valentines too :)
    Thanks for the link to the video as well--I'll watch it when I get the time to actually sit down and scour through YouTube--which (hopefully) is soon! :)

    1. Thank you Anni, and no problem :)

  4. Wonderful journal.
    Don't worry about handwriting and such--"imperfection is beauty", you know. :)
    Nice that you enjoyed your Valentine's day as well.

    1. Thank you Crafty Daisy--and you are so right about that! ;)

  5. Love your journal!!!!! and thank you for the shout out :)
    I can see why your friend loved it so much.
    So sweet of you to make this for her :)
    You little yogurt containers are adorable. This would put a smile on my face to open the fridge to these :)

    1. Thank you so much Tracy! And no problem, I loved the video and the taped paper edge idea. :)

  6. Mj, your journal looks great. It's hard for me to keep up with a journal. But I like the idea of looking back to it. hehe... =)

    1. Thanks Boriville! It's sometimes hard for me too..but looking back on it really is nice! :)


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