Saturday, February 1, 2014

Washi Taping my Grid-Paper Notebook

Hi, everyone! This is a really quick post, or at least I'll try making it quick, because I'll be going to the grocery store in a few to pick up chips and other snacks for the Super Bowl (SEAHAWKS!) lol. Anyway, I wanted to share with you a little "altering" I did with a notebook.

Here was a small cute brown notebook I had. I recently found it and was like,"Why isn't this prettified yet???" Seriously. :) So I took out some travel washi tape (one of my favorites, it looks so cute with the stamps and everything!) and got to work.

There! I didn't cover it all on the front, because I decided I (kinda) liked the "Svigals and Partners" logo on the front.

Here is the back. Again, I didn't cover it all up.

What I really like about this notebook? It has grid paper inside!

The only other time I really use grid paper in in my algebra course. Grid paper can really look cute though....especially on these washi tapes that I need!

Light Blue Grid.....Washi Tape for Scrapbooking, Card Making, Paper CraftsJapanese Washi Tape in Aqua Grids w/ Love and Hearts (15M long)

Anyway, this is it. Quick post? Well, maybe, at least for me to type. Got to go now...anyway, who are you rooting for Sunday, Broncos or Seahawks?

love love love! MJ


  1. The notebook looks so nice now with the travel-themed tape! I really like the grid washi too, it looks so cute!

  2. I like how you altered the notebook, never knew washi tape could make such a difference! :)

  3. That washi tape looks very cute on the notebook. Loving the travel washi tape.

  4. I love that you prettified your note book.
    I too love grid paper, so many uses for it :)

    1. Thank you Tracy! Grid paper is fabulous, isn't it, lol? :)

  5. Love the notebook now. Don't you just love washi tape. :)


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