Friday, March 21, 2014

Pretty Paper-Covered Tin Cans

Hello! Nothing like some pretty 'n simple storage! I love the look of these tins, can't wait to make more!

I used a tin can, a sheet of pretty paper, and tape. I wrapped the paper around the tin, and taped it down with the clear tape. You could use a double-sided adhesive so you don't have to see the tape, or you could use Mod Podge (except I didn't when I read from this post how it made the can a little too shiny for the blogger's liking).

There you go! Pretty simple storage! :)

love love love! MJ


  1. I love them! So cute, I'll have to try them. ^_^

  2. Great idea~really pretty designs, too :)

  3. very pretty!
    I think that if you use modge podge you can put little plants in them

  4. I'm in love.
    Your DIY's are so cute,,,I love how they turned out!

  5. Awesome job, love the polka dots.

  6. Great inexpensive storage.
    Your altered them so nicely with this paper.

  7. Simple and easy, my favorite kind of craft! It looks like these would really brighten up a boring desk.

    1. Thank you Cami, I'm sure it would! Thank you for dropping by my blog! :)

  8. Those colors could bright up anything! Such an easy craft :)


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