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Guest Post: How to Decorate Your Weekly Planner Pages // Spread the Giggles

*This is a guest post done by Abby, you can visit her lovely blog here. ^_^ *

Hello! My name is Abby and I run Spread The Giggles, which is a personal blog focusing on organization, health, stationery, and life in general. I enjoy being organized and tidy, so keeping a planner is perfect for keeping my mind and life in order as well as making sure I don't forget anything from birthdays, to important meetings. I am here today to guide you on how to decorate your weekly planner pages, with various places to buy stationery, and some tips for organization.

Okay so you may or may not have decorated your planner pages before, and that's okay. Everyone has to start somewhere, and it takes several trials and errors in order to get the hang of things, as well as finding out what works best for you. Some people decorate their pages with a lot of stationery; whilst others keep their pages simple and minimalistic, with maybe just a few sticky notes, or some washi tape. You will find out overtime what style works for you :)

I will go through how I decorate my weekly pages, from start to finish. I will include where I got the stationery I have used from - keep in mind I am from England, so some of these may not be available where you are (and some items I use have been kindly sent to me from penpals and RAKs from the Facebook Page filoRAKING, which you can find out more information on what RAKs are and how to get involved). So lets get started!

So this is the week I will be decorating (I am using Kikki K week on two pages that came with the A5 mint Kikki K planner, which is sadly now discontinued). I love having completely blank pages, it offers a blank canvas for you to really decorate it to how you like and try different things each week. I learned from previous experience not to write future events and reminders in pen, I now put them on sticky notes so I can change them around or remove them if they get cancelled, then when you come to that week, you can write them in pen once they have happened so you avoid making any mistakes. You can also write in pencil and then go over in pen, or keep it in pencil - whatever works for you.

I keep a variety of small to medium sized sticky notes in the front of my planner in order to quickly grab one and write something down for future reference (click here to see my most recent Kikki K Planner setup). Some other planner users keep them in zip pockets, or in the front credit card holders for easy access. Again, you can play around and find out what works best for you.

So once I have the pages I want to decorate, I will think of a theme or colour scheme I want to use. So for example, if I want a blue theme, I will go through my washi tapes and get out all the blue washi tapes. I will then go through all of my post it notes, sticky notes, and planner life cards or pieces of card/paper (which I will explain what I use them for later) which fits into that colour scheme of blue. I will show you this process for this weeks page decorating to give you a better idea of how I decide what to use. I am going to be having a cat and pink themed week:

This is my current washi tape collection (the box is from The Range). You can find these very easily on eBay, and at some craft stores such as (for UK): Wilko, Hobbycraft, The Range, The Works; and (for US): Walmart, Dollar Tree, Michaels, JoAnns, and Daiso. I got most of my washi tapes from eBay by searching up washi tapes (and maybe a colour or theme, such as polkadot washi tape). Some good sellers for washi tape are ginger*jujusmile10, wangrea, and joeandflo.
Once I've got all the pink coloured washi tape out, I then get out my box of sticky notes (which was 99p from Home Bargains) and get out all the pink coloured, and cat themed sticky notes to choose from. A lot of these were either from eBay (again just search sticky notes, or a theme such as 'cat sticky notes' to find some), or were sent to me kindly by penpals and RAKs. Again as the washi tapes, you can find sticky notes at any craft store, some will hold a bigger variety than others, so it's good to have a look around more than one store if possible. For the UK, WHSmith have a nice range of sticky notes, as well as Wilko, Tesco, Accessorize, The Range, and The Works. For the US, I have heard there are really cute sticky notes at Michaels, Target, Walmart, JoAnns, Dollar Tree, and Daiso.
After I have chosen a bunch of pink coloured or cat themed sticky notes, I will get my box of stickers/papers/memo pads/project life cards out and get out any that fit the theme of pink or cats. So earlier I mentioned about project life cards or paper; I use these in most of my weekly pages to keep to dos or reminders for the week. Some people use them for keeping a meal plan for the week, some write quotes on them, or some just use them for extra decoration. You can buy the project life cards (I use the mini cards) on eBay, or at some crafts stores such as Hobbycraft. Some IG users sell PL cards in the various collections such as Seasons, Strawberry, Jade etc (just search up plcards, projectlife, projectlifecards etc - @theideaowl sells them on occasion).
So these are the products I have found which fit my pink and cat theme for this week. I most likely won't use all of them, but to have all the products I can use helps me to put the layout together. Here is where I got all the products in the photo from:

  1. These cat sticky notes are from Accessorize for £4.00.
  2. Pink and white triangle washi tape from etsy seller Moonstick for £1.80.
  3. Pink and white stripe washi tape from Sainsburys (comes in a pack of four).
  4. Floral washi tape from Sainsburys (comes in a pack of four with the pink and white stripe tape).
  5. Pink stripe washi tape from eBay seller dotcomgiftshop for £6.90 (comes in a pack of four).
  6. Pink polka dot washi tape from eBay.
  7. Pink bicycle washi tape from Sainsburys (comes in a pack of four with the stripe and floral washi tape).
  8. Grey cat pink sticky note was sent to me so I'm unsure where it is from (but I would love to know, so if you know please comment below).
  9. Pink thought bubble sticky note was sent to me, but I think it maybe from either Walmart or Target.
  10. Pink memo paper was sent to me so I'm not sure where it's from.
  11. Light pink Martha Stewart dew drops from Staples.
  12. Pink and orange polka dot hole reinforcers, and pink heart hole reinforcers from Daiso (I bought these from an IG user as these aren't available in the UK, but I believe you can also buy them from @theideaowl).
Out of the washi tapes I had for the theme, I decide on these two washi tapes.

I played around with the two washi tapes, decided where I wanted to put them. I ended up on this layout and I feel quite happy with it. Putting the washi tapes on the sides of the pages over the holes helps to make the holes and pages more protected so they are less likely to rip. If I hadn't of put the washi tape over the holes, I would've most likely used the Daiso hole reinforcers instead. When you put the washi tapes over the page holes, you'll need to hole punch them. You can do that using a 6 hole punch (for the page sizes, in this case I would need an A5 size which I don't have), a 2 hole punch, or a single hole punch. I used a regular 2 hole punch which you can get from any craft store and most supermarkets such as Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, or Sainsburys; and for the US such as Walmart and Target.

Here is a close up of what I do to punch out the page holes using the 2 hole punch. It's very simple, just take off the back of the hole punch so you can see where you're punching, turn the page over and punch the holes where the washi tape is covering the other side of the page. You can always use a pen to mark the place to punch to make sure you punch the correct place.
Here are the pages after I punched out all the holes where the washi tape was covering them.
I then line up the piece of memo paper where I want to punch the holes in for it to be placed into my weekly setup. Once I'm happy with where I want to place it, I will hold the paper firmly and turn over the page, take a pen and mark the holes where I need to punch the paper (as shown below):

I usually trace the hole with a pen, but sometimes I also include a little dot in the middle of the holes so I know exactly where to punch the paper.
So this is what the pages will look like with the memo paper punched and in place. You can either leave the pages like this and fill it up you need too, using the piece of paper for to dos and reminders. Most people do this if they know they are going to have a very busy week and don't want to cram it with sticky notes. But for this week, I know I won't be too busy and I want to include some nice sticky notes for extra decoration :)

Here I have added some of those cat sticky notes which were in the products I got together at the start of the post (however the pink cat sticky note on the memo paper wasn't shown and is from eBay - search cat sticky notes or cat page tabs). I have also used 3 of the light pink Martha Stewart dew drop stickers from Staples to mark when I am working. I have finished with my decoration, so I will just go ahead and use my pen (a uni jetstream 101 1.0 in black) to fill in the week.

Here is my weekly pages for this week all decorated and ready to go! As you will see I haven't put anything in pen on the papers, just on the sticky notes, MS dew drops, and memo paper. This is in case things change, get cancelled, or being irreverent. As the week goes on, I will write notes on the pages with my pen with the events and notes, the hours I worked and what I did for that day.

Well I hope this tutorial helped anyone who is looking to start decorating their pages, or needed some more ideas on what to decorate with. I have learned from watching people on YouTube (such as sugarpandax3 and My Planner), and seeing photos on Instagram (such as filocuteness and annasofia007), or blogs (click here to see a list of my favourite organizational blogs). Thank you for reading! Please leave a comment below if this has helped/inspired you, with any questions, or if you also decorate your pages :)

Love, Abby x


  1. Wow, Abby, you really are organized! This is some tutorial.
    I'm heading over to your blog right now, could do with some order myself
    Amalia xo

  2. OMG I LOVE THIS. You really have a niche with creativity and organization. Sometimes its hard for me to find a balance between the two.

    Rock On GIRL.


  3. Loving this tutorial! You have so many adorable sticky notes and washi tapes! Your pages are great. :)

  4. Oh that looks nice, lovely colors!
    great post dear

    I follow u now on bloglovin, may we can follow each other on other social media too?
    let me know

  5. Wow! It looks GREAT! Love it!


  6. Wow! I'll have to try. :)

  7. Your pages turned out so pretty.
    I love the soft pink colours :)
    Perfect post for today, as I just posted about me working on my planner :)

  8. This is gorgeous!
    I love all of the colors, and the floral washi tape.
    I'll be definitely trying this!

    xo sarah <3

  9. Oh, I love decoration, anything - homes, but pages too! These ones are so sweeeet! You are so talented! I hate when something we like is discontinued! And I loved your tapes, especially the floral one! Brilliant work, I'm glad you shared this, cause I got a new planner and I love embellishing it! Now I have these ideas!

  10. You've got to be kidding me- this is just too great! I love this, thanks for it :)


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