Sunday, August 3, 2014

already august?

Hello! ^_^
I have a mouthful to say in this post, but first off, whoa. I can't believe it's already August, classes will be starting up again soon..where did all the time go?

Anyway, I know it's been practically two weeks since my last post, so sorry! I've been busy with studies and babysitting, and in the middle of that time I wanted to spend time with my I haven't logged into Blogger, really.
So I know I have lots of blogs to visit, comments to leave, and I promise, I will definitely be getting to you all! *soon*

I did, however, do a few quick sewing projects, which I'll be sharing in upcoming posts. I started on my planner pages for next week, too. 

So far today I went to church and  had lunch..I hope everyone has a lovely Sunday :)

love love love! MJ


  1. Your back! Yay! *does awkward little happy dance*
    Your planner pages are really cute. :)

  2. Just found your blog, and I find it adorable! Looking forward to your upcoming posts!

    Lets keep in touch and follow each other on bloglovin! I always follow back!

    Love from Canada,
    Marie from

  3. Hi there! I'm looking forward to seeing your next few posts. :) If they involve sewing, they must be good. I also think your planner page is adorable. Are those hamsters stickers?


    Tickle Your Cute Bone

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, they are---a Sanrio character called Puririn :)

  4. I really need to take a sewing class. It seems like it would be so therapeutic to create stuff like this.
    Bright and Shiny

  5. Good to see you back! Wow what a cute banana - I like the expression! :-)

  6. I know...*gulp* its the last month of summer! :( I don't want it to end! Who wants cold! Well, lets enjoy it while we can! :)
    Have a glorious day!
    ~Sarah Margaret♥

  7. Sounds like you have been a busy bee! Cant wait to see some of the crafts you have been doing x
    Jess x

  8. I'm happy to see you back... and yes where did July go??? ... my summer is racing by...:-/ .

    I am getting out to enjoy it as much as possible...have a great week ahead ♡

  9. Your banana is so so cute, i love his little face :)
    This summer has flown by and we are just starting to get some really nice weather :)

  10. omg i love the banana plushie! so sorry i haven't commented in a while ;)

  11. I can't believe that it's August too..And I love your planner, it's so cute ^^
    Muilo Burbulai

  12. This is so cute! I appreciate you stopping by :)

  13. Love your planner! Very cute! ^_^ I just wanted to pop by quickly to tell you that I nominated you for a beautiful blog award (here) and saw this post! :) Anyway, I hope you can do it!

  14. I just stumbled across your blog, and oh my gosh! It's the cutest! Never never never stop blogging x
    Savannah //


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