Thursday, August 14, 2014

diy paper bows // think

 I made these cute paper bows today using graph paper and thought why not share...

Right click and hit Save As to get the template.

Now to begin...

Cut out the following shapes with your pretty papers. ;) You will need a glue stick, too, so have that handy.

Glue the middle of the largest shape to the middle of the smaller one, like so.

Put glue on the tips of the largest shape, and fold inwards.

Do the same with the other side.

Take the smallest shape--the rectangle--and glue it to the center of the bow. 
(No, the side of my finger is not red--the photo filter did that...o_o )

And you're finished! Now you have some lovely bows to decorate anything! I photographed these with my diy moleskine notebook. I will probably do a post on that later on! :)


Now onto other things...did you hear about Robin Williams on the news? It was so heartbreaking to learn he had committed suicide. For someone to reach to that point, they must have been so deep in makes me so sad. :( 
The lovely Launna brought up this topic today, and it made me think so much about that, and the light shining through the darkness. 

I remember when one of my classmates was suicidal because of rumors going on about her (You know how we are when teenagers, drama and all). She tried overdosing--thankfully, her mom found her. The next day during class most kids were laughing about it. I couldn't understand--they judged so quickly. They didn't know what it was like. I don't know what it's like, and I don't want to judge. 
But life is a precious thing. Hold on, have hope. Try, even though it's hard. The Lord will show us the way :)

love love love! MJ


  1. Great idea, super cute! Lovely tutorial, too. And you brought up some good points, I feel so bad for your classmate. :(

  2. Paper bows are so popular right now, and yours are beautiful.
    It is so sad about Robin Williams and so many others, that this illness has taken from us.

  3. MJ... I absolutely love the bow, you did such a wonderful job.. my daughter loves to do crafts and I am going to do a few of these with her :)

    Depression steals a lot of joy, it is hard place to be in but there is always a way out... sometimes it is a really long dark road... I pray for others that are dealing with this issue, that they will hold on until they see the light...

  4. Everything you own must be so personalized and beautiful! You really are gifted with creativity.

    And thank you for mentioning Robin Williams without talking about his movies. Yes, he was accomplished, but people do not seem to realize that he was a PERSON, struggling with emotions and fears. Thank you for recognizing him as a human being rather than just some Hollywood personality. I feel terrible for your classmate that went through that. It must have been absolutely heartbreaking, and it is hard knowing that many others deal with the same emotions. Thanks for the insight, girl.

  5. such a cute diy bow! such a great idea :D

  6. Wow that's super cute o.o great DIY :D

  7. So great, need to try this x

  8. This looks so simple, but cute and effective!

  9. Super cute im trying this out. I feel horrible that we never noticed how much Robin Williams suffered. And its really gotten annoying how people are so quick to judge these days. >n<

    Daisy l LittleKawaiiDaisy

  10. the bows are really cute, so is your notebook. sorry about your classmate, i feel really bad for her.

  11. These bows are really cute and such a cool idea :-)

  12. This is my kind of craft! I know what I'll be making for the next gift I give/party I throw/package I send...I love the idea of adorning any box with lots of these little bows in all sorts of different colors! Thank you for another amazing tutorial. I love your crafts!!

    The What's In Between

  13. Aww, this looks so cute! :) Love it.

  14. I LOVE this, so cute and it looks like the perfect bow, great work! Thanks for your insightful comment…Have a fabulous weekend!

  15. So cute! May have to hang these up in my room!

  16. Wow! I love these! And your new header is so lovely! So sad to hear the news about Robin Williams, RIP xo

  17. As soon as I saw this bow I got out my supplies and started making it! I just finished my first one! It is adorable!! Thank you so much for sharing! <3

  18. It's so beautiful dear!! I'll try to do it!


  19. This looks amazing. I love these bows!

  20. Thats such a brilliant idea!! I am definitely going to try it today! Thanks for sharing <3

    Hugs & kisses

  21. Those bows look so cute! :O I really have to try that out soon.

    Cathy // HELLO, CATHY

  22. Oh this is so cute !!!

    ~ Lu


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