Tuesday, August 12, 2014

felt molang sugar holder

Today I made a cute felt molang sugar holder. Do you have a tea or coffee drinking friend who could use the sugar? This makes a really cute and thoughtful gift to store your sugar packets. ;) And it's super simple to make!

UPDATE: Per recent request, I have added the template. Right click and hit "Save As" to get. ;)

Let's start!

You need felt cut out into these shapes, as well as matching thread and needle, and a bit of cotton batting.

For the ears, put two ear pieces together and blanket stitch them. 

Once you're finished with the ears, put two of the cup handle pieces together and stitch.

Since you have 3 cup pieces, take one of them and stitch the ears and handle on.

Take the other cup piece and sew them both together, except for the top, so that you have a little pocket.

This is how it should look like so far.

With your last felt cup piece, sew the face on. 

Lay the last cup piece on top of the two you already sewed together. 

Sew the piece onto the one underneath it, stuffing it slightly.

And you're done! Now you can put in your favorite sugar packets or sweeteners. Since I only buy the large bags of sugar instead of little packets, I used the leftover Dunkin Donut ones I picked up yesterday when I was getting coffee.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you make this, do let me know! :)

love love love! MJ


  1. This is so cute! Such a great idea. :)


  2. Aww, that is adorable! Oh, I must try to make one! Aww again!

  3. That's really neat! Though, I do'n't have any felt on hand.. :P Your great at going tutorials!

  4. Aw this is adorable! I could see this being used to store various things, not just sugar. I love how it's cheeks are blushing :D

    Another Beautiful Thing

  5. MJ... this is another creative item... how cute would these be for gifts for the people in your life that drink tea or coffee.. very sweet ;)

  6. Awwww she is so so cute.
    I like the idea of using the pocket as a sugar holder….but you could use this little cutie for so many other things as well.
    It would be cute for a gift card holder, with different dimensions…so cute

  7. This is so cute. It makes the perfect gift for people close to you :)

  8. aww this is too cute! Will be making these for unopened tea holder <3

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  9. I really love this idea, what a cute way to store sugar. Owo I love the blushies >//v//<

  10. so cute and creative!

  11. This is so cool!! And your instructions are really clear!!

  12. I love this it is really cute can you make a template pretty please

  13. This is too cute-I need to make it sometime!

  14. This is just so cute and what a great idea. I love it. What a cute little face :-)

    Did you get the bees problem sorted?

    1. Thank you Ananka!
      No, not yet--we're all out of sprays in our area! The ones that we had purchased previously aren't working..hopefully we can get the problem under control. Thank you for asking! :)

  15. aww it's so s soooo cuute ** looks so sweeet ~

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  16. This blog is so sweet :)))
    I hope you will visit me and maybe we can follow each other??:)

  17. I really love this post and your blogstyle!
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