Monday, September 29, 2014

happy national coffee day

did you know that today is national coffee day? 
I just found out and had to know how much this girl loves her coffee ;)

have a lovely rest of your day xx

love love love! MJ


  1. Happy national coffee day MJ! :)

  2. never knew they had such a thing O_O

  3. I heard of this today as well.
    I am one of the odd ones that can't stand the smell or taste of coffee….unless it is a coffee crisp chocolate bar ;)
    Did you take this photo? Love your sign :)

    1. You can't? You're missing out, just saying ;)
      Yes, I did, it looks brighter only because I was fooling around with filters. And thank you! :)

  4. I didn't know they had a day for that... ;)... I never found a love for coffee, I can't even go down the coffee aisle... I do know that it is really popular though :) I can see them having a day for that ;)

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  6. Oh happy late national coffee day, MJ! I myself am a caffeine addict >.< It's just so so good :)

  7. National coffee day! No ways! And I only had one cuppa joe yesterday :(

  8. I love this! Coffee is just FAB,

    Also, how would I connect with you on GFC?


  9. wow i didn't know about this! Well, happy coffee day everyone!

    Visit my blog:

  10. I love the picture and coffee is just amazing.

  11. awww I like that cute "coffee is happiness" sign! <3 I love coffee :)

  12. adorable post :)

  13. I love this pic

    New post in


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