Friday, October 24, 2014

enabler alert / ramblings

Soo it's been a while but I wanted to let you know about this Christmas paper tape at Dollar Tree (yes, I said Dollar Tree!) I'm pretty sure I got it sometime last week, I saw someone instagram their findings and had to run out to get some! :) I mean how adorable are they!

ugh, look at that shadow on my palm! lol

The tape is 15 mm x 10 m. wow, and only a dollar each! That is a really good deal!

I opened the tapes and tried them out. They aren't washi, simply paper tape, and it would be better if they were a little more stickier, you know? But I totally love the designs and can't wait to wrap gifts two months?!

So that's the enabler alert :D
Anyway, I'm so sorry I haven't been so active lately. The week two weeks ago was campaign week, and those of you who follow up on my instagram know that I was running for president, lol. I was super nervous and didn't feel like posting anything. Buuut I won, yay! Thanks to all who wished me luck through comment or dm..I received so much love from people all over the world! :)

And then when I finally decided it was time to post something, I had to get uninspired! Lol, I just didn't feel like finishing anything :(
But thank you all for your kind words! I feel inspired and ready to post again :)

Oh, and my new slim washi came in like a week ago! I love using them!

And I went to an aerospace engineering fair yesterday.  So much fun!


I'm sorry, I do have some blogs to catch up on reading on...if you have any particular post you feel proud of from the past three weeks, even if I have seen the post already. leave the link below and I will give you a shoutout in the next post! I'm sure we would all love to see! ^_^

ha ha and enough of my rambling already!

*suffering from calf cramps (ugh dolphin kick) and missing you all*

Have a fabulous weekend xo

love love love! MJ


  1. That Christmas tape is sooo cute! :)


    a free mind

  2. I hope you win the election! It looks like you're running an awesome campaign!

  3. First off MJ, congratulations on winning, that is so lovely girl xox

    I love festive printed tape, it a great way to dress up a boring package xox

    We all get those uninspired times ... maybe we just need a little break or rest but I am happy you are back :)

  4. I'm so happy you're back! Everything looks wonderful. :)


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