Thursday, October 9, 2014

just keep swimming

I found myself getting back on the swim team last week. Why? The only other "exercise" I was really doing was karate, and after sitting, eating, studying, and crafting, I realized this isn't exactly healthy. And although five days a week is a big commitment, not to mention Saturday meets..I've missed swimming. Team cheers, swim banquets, the call of the announcer, a good brings back nice memories. I'm glad I decided to join back up again.

Swimming...from one end of the pool to the other. Swimming, from one challenge to the next. And swimming through life.

It's hard. I get it. Some days we feel totally happy, and others..not so much. Disappointments in life, like not getting than A on the exam even though you studied a lot, or not getting the drama club role or job position you wanted so badly. Finding yourself in an impossible situation. It sucks. Sometimes, we just want to stop and give up. 

But the other end of the pool is that hope. That even though things are rough now, they'll get better if we keep on swimming. If we pray with every stroke, we'll realize there's a lot more to life than we could have ever imagined.

So do it.
just keep swimming, just keep swimming..we're all rooting for you.

love love love MJ


  1. Its great that you joined again! I'm the same way with drama. :)

  2. Wow, MJ, I've had a super super hard day, and you don't know how much these simple words meant to me. Thank you =') <3

  3. Good for you for doing something you love :)
    We all have hard days..some harder than others, but we just keep going (or swimming) because there are more good days then bad :)

  4. MJ, it is fantastic that you took swimming back up, it is a really great sport and so much fun... I wish I lived closer to a pool, I would go everyday if I could... I love swimming ;) xox

    I like how you tied swimming into life and how we just need to keep swimming even if things are rough... calm waters will eventually appear... <3

  5. Nice to hear that you are back swimming MJ.. I've been wanting to .. but the drive to the pool is gruelling :/

    xoxo Chaicy - Style.. A Pastiche!

  6. Very cute post, thanks for sharing! <3

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  7. Hey MJ its really good that you have again started something you love!! Being honest, I don't know swimming but would love to learn! :D

    Happy weekend

  8. That's cool. You know at the age of 34 (should I admit that lol), I still cannot swim :-| My husband tried to teach me a few years ago but I just wasn't interested. I prefer riding my bike! :-)

    You do Karate, that's awesome! What colour of belt are you? I find that the martial arts are very good for exercising and very good for the mind. My husband teaches a Chinese martial art :-D

  9. "Just keep swimming" haha I love that! It's great you're swimming again!

  10. It's great you ate swimming again

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  11. It's great you are swimming again

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  12. Thats very good to know and remember, just keep swimming <3

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