Sunday, November 16, 2014

:: this week ::

I love:

1/ / walking in the red, gold, and orange leaves
2 / / a cup of coffee and cute embroidery 
3 / / looking through room decor catalogs
4 / / how department stores are getting ready for Christmas
5 / / counting things I am thankful for; there are so many!

Blog Posts I Love:

1) My Top Ten Tips to NaNoWriMo Success @ Tickle Your Cute Bone
2) No Sew DIY Curtains @ Undercover DIYer
3) Bee and PuppyCat Plushie @ Perfect Imperfections
4) One Sheet Advent Pocket Book @ Crafty Journal
5) One Good Deed a Day, Week 2 @ Delineate Your Dwelling


*I decided to do this post this week as challenged from the lovely amy! it was a fun idea! xo
I hope you have a fabulous week!

love love  love! MJ


  1. I love all of your points! And thank you so much for linking to me. :)
    Amy xx

  2. I love walking on crunchy Fall leaves too MJ ♡

    It's kind of nice to hear some Christmas music getting me into the season. I want to make this one a special one this year ♡

  3. Thanks for featuring my post on your list, MJ! I really appreciate it! :)


    Tickle Your Cute Bone

  4. How fun! ahh, everyone seems to be forgetting THANKSGIVING! ;) I love this kind of post. (plus they are so quick to write..)

  5. Yes, i love how departments stores are getting ready for christmas too! And their sales lady are wearing loley santa outfits <3

    Anyway, i am inviting you to join my giveaway here

  6. Love them all (and you!) - except of course for the Christmas thing, not celebrated here :-(
    Amalia xo

  7. I love those points! Your blog is so super cute! x

  8. Nice list - have to agree with most of them! :-D <3

  9. I love your photos as always ♥ Im so excited for the christmas decor in stores too :)

    Daisy ○ LittleKawaiiDaisy


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