Tuesday, December 2, 2014

favorite things about winter / / tag!


The lovely amy nominated me for the "Favorite Things About Winter" tag. I don't do tags as much, probably because I've done quite a few already and I wouldn't know what else to say about myself! ;) But, this is about winter. Winter. My favorite season, remember?

So I decided to follow through with this tag. thanks Amy! xo :3

5 Things I Love About Winter

1) The feeling...it's so nice and cozy even during the hectic holiday time! I can't explain it, but even when I'm busy at this time of year and totally overwhelmed, somewhere inside me I feel warm and peaceful and cheery. That's the magic of winter right there ;D

2) Gift-wrapping and giving. Giving is fun. It makes the other person oh-so-happy, and it makes you oh-so-happy knowing you've made someone happy. It's nice.

3) Christmas. I don't mean the whole "gifts and Santa" thing, I mean the fact that Jesus was born!

4) Decorating. There's nothing I love more than decorating the Christmas tree with family, and stringing lights, putting up wreaths...it's a happy time.

5) Being. Whether it's when I see the first snow of the season fall, or I'm making hot chocolate for my little brothers, I feel so happy and thankful to be alive. That even though there are days I feel sick of everything, there are happy moments, too. I say a quick prayer to Him and thank him for letting me, well, be here.

Questions + Answers

 1) What is winter like where you live? 
It really depends. I live on the east coast of the U.S., and sometimes we get snow as early as Halloween. Other times, we're super lucky if it snows on Christmas! It does get super cold though!

2) What is you favorite Christmas treat?
Gingerbread and candy canes.

3) What is your favorite thing to wear in the winter?
boots + skinny jeans + scarves + knee-high socks

4) What is your favorite way to stay warm in the winter?
Hmm..well, I wear cute boots with skinny jeans most of the time, and I love loop scarves!

 5) What is your favorite thing to do on a cold winter day?
Playing in the snow with my younger siblings and pretending I'm a little kid again. Or, since apparently "I'm too weak to shovel" I wait inside with hot cocoa ready for our busy shovelers :)


Thanks again for the nomination Amy! And I nominate whoever wants to do this tag! Use the same questions, because they're perfect :)

How have you been? I need to get the tree and decorations up soon and there are lots of assignments to do! When I have time at night I watch Christmas movies while sewing... or eating lots of ice cream (photo above).

I've felt so tired lately, even when I do try to sleep for longer hours...and I fall asleep during French...but I'll figure it out, I guess.
This never used to happen last year, I would sleep for two hours a night and I would be fine throughout the day...now I sleep at most seven hours and I'm still so tired. My friends joke that "the sleep has caught up to me" now. ;) It's a struggle to wake up in the morning, I find myself hitting snooze (now you know something's up! when have I ever used the snooze button??) and I'm not as energetic as I was last year. 

Anyhow, I'm on a mission to stay happy and stress-free this season! Or at least I'll try ;) What are your goals for the season?

love love love! MJ


  1. I love your answers!
    And I totally understand about being tired, I have a rehearsal for my musical almost every day and they're usually a couple hours at least. :)
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  2. Good answers! I love that photo :-)

    To answer your question - I've never tried candy cane nails, but I've seen some lovely ones online. I'm not really very good at nail art :-|

  3. Great answers to those questions :)
    Your ice-cream looks yummy :)
    Get your iron checked if you are tired so much

  4. Sorry I haven't been commenting recently! I took a little blogging break :-) Love your answers! x

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  5. Great answears doll! I always feeling tired on winter time, dont know why!
    You have a very nice blog and I will be glad if we follow each other? Just let me know in my blog and I follow back!
    Have a nice day


  6. love posts like this :) That ice cream looks delicious! haha. I too absolutely love decorating during this time of year. There's just something so fun about decorating for the holidays and spending time with family <3 :)


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